Deprecated, no longer maintained.

Instead use the new Biblatex-SBL styles. These conform to the Society of Biblical Literature (SBLHS), 2nd edition and use BibLaTeX instead of BibTeX.

My LaTeX styles for writing SBL papers using BibTeX to produce SBL compliant references and bibliography is available here.

I lost my svn repository, but here is the backup. Just download the tarball below and run ./ from the trunk directory.

I tested it most recently using MacTeX Basic 2013. Once I installed the extra packages required, it worked fine. Should work on other distributions as well.

I highly recommend you use xelatex. Theoretically it is possible to use pdflatex, but this has never been as robust and hasn't been tested with more recent versions of TeXLive.

There's not much help, but there are some samples in the test and temp directories. Especially useful is sblref.sty which documents how to use all the different supported reference types. There is also a complete essay using Greek and Hebrew on Romans somewhere in there. If you have trouble or questions then feel free to email me and I'll try and help.
David Purton,
17 Nov 2013, 18:55